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Q )How old do I need to be to rent motor unit ?  A) 21 with a valid drivers licence . 26 for seA doo pontoon and jet car.

Q) Can I drive to another state ? A) No. The units are only insured to be operated in north Carolina.


Q) Are pets allowed ? A) although we love our furry friends only service animals are allowed .please contact laps in luxury for accommodation's.


Q)Do I need to fill the gas tank at the end of the rental ? A) Yes. Although the unit will have a full tank at the start of the rental you will be required to fill the tank or prepay for gas before the start of the reservation.  @ $80

Q) How Fast can I go? A) at the state required speed limit. For Boats and skis the operating speed is 25 mph. This is more than enough speed for wake boarding , Tubing and crusing the lake.


Q) What do I do If I have an accident ? A) First Call the authorities. make sure everyone is in a safe location. contact the Crew of Laps in Luxury. 

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